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CD Travessa da Espera

Four accordions, no extra fluff, brilliant musicians doing challenging and beautitful music with Portuguese roots and a global outlook. Highly recommended!

Cliff Furnald, in


A restrained, sometimes plaintive, album from this Portuguese accordion quartet. (…) Their music well and feel no need to impress. So there is nothing pyrotechnic about this music – it’s restrained, somewhat formal and sometimes plaintive. (…) The player also incorporate the idiosyncrasies of their instruments: buttons clack, bellows ant and blare. (…) Though it is often melancholic, Travessa da espera can be warm, even playful: this is glowing coals rather than blazing log music.

Julian May,  in Songlines November / December 2002


(…) This is a majestic album, a clever one too, simple and well-handled at the same time. In fifty minutes it offers a musical synthesis that contains both everything and nothing because it reinvents and renews the genre the whole time.

Etienne Bours, in Répertoire May 2002 (nota máxima, 10 de Répertoire)


(…) The group doesn’t just give a monolithic or forced performance. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a better bridge between popular tradition, classical music and modern experimentation.

Pierre Massé, in  Classica April 2002 (nota máxima, 5 de Classica)

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