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Foto 2001 The Mollis
Zwolle e Eindhoven sero estreias na Holanda,
depois dos concertos em Tilburg – 2001 (na foto) e em Velp – 2002
Na Blgica regressamos s cidades de Gent e Borgerhout ( Anturpia)
agora noutras salas, depois dos concertos em
Gent na GeleZaal – Wereld Folk Festival, 2001 e
Borgerhout na Rataplan, 2002
Podem ler a crtica ao concerto de Tilburg em 2001 pela Folkworld Magazine (em Ingls) na entrada estendida.

In the small hall followed my personal highlight of the night: Danas Ocultas. When I first read the line up: Four man all playing only button accordions, no singing, no percussion or other instruments – I thought this sounds strange, and not too interesting…
But as soon as I entered the room I was emediatly stuck by the music. Danas Ocultas are very special – the interaction of these four accordionists is amazing. Their music is as full of tension that you did not realise how the time goes by. The music is excellently arranged and acts between very slow bits, where only one accordion is playing – creating an atmosphere of very loud silence – up to quite fast and very lively pieces. It is not easy to describe their music – you simply have to see them live to get an idea of what they are doing (or at least you should listen to their CD…).

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